Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She's Crafty

The title is a Beastie Boys reference. I made it because I was trying to be relevant, hip and funny, but then I realized that the song from which I look the line came out in 1995. Oh my...

Now as to actually being crafty, that applies to many members of my family but this time I'm focusing on my sister-in-law, Emily; you can find her blog here. She's moderately addicted to quilting in a similar way to how William S. Burroughs was moderately addicted to smack. From what I understand, quilting is much less destructive.

She is known for her "wonky" quilts, textiles that are a little less symmetrical and a little more on the eccentric side. I like them for that very reason. She also takes the quilts, once they're pieced, to an insanely talented lady at Green Fairy Quilts who freehands intricate quilting details. The results of both of their efforts are below:

The last photo is a close-up of the detail work on the darker quilt. This talented duo produced a wonderful set of quilts and we're very thankful to them.

* * * * * * * * * *
By the way... it's almost Friday.



Anonymous said...

I've found your blog last month. I also love your style of writing.
Goodl luck with your new babies, you guys will make awesome parents : )

I'm also an identical twin so if you are loking for tips for the future by best one is:
when they are in high chairs and fooling around with eachother at mealtimes, my parents put our high chairs back to back until we were finished eating. I know this is far away for you, but it might come in handy later on.
All the best, and early congrats on your new babies.

Vesuviusmama said...

I'm an identical twin, and happen to LOVE Em, even though I've never met her. When I found her blog, I felt like I found my cyber-soulmate. I have one of her beautiful creations in my home, and love to cuddle under it and dream about one day meeting her and hanging out and having a crazy good time. You are so lucky to be related to her! Wonderful quilts, but then, I've seen them on her blog for some time now. Best of luck as you start this fatherhood adventure!