Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flippin' Cute Kids

Fatherhood Friday at Dad Blogs

Hey look, a post!

The boys are two weeks old today and this is the first post I've made in about 11 days. I have no idea how people manage new multiples and a healthy blogging relationship. As such, I've obviously let the blogging slip to keep up with these beautiful boys. As far as an update goes, just know that the boys are incredibly gorgeous, my wonderful wife has been recovering perfectly and we absolutely love being parents. Now for what you've really been waiting on: photos!

These were taken in an inexpensive in-store studio on May 14th. They aren't perfect, but the subjects certainly are. Hopefully more updates are to come soon; I've tons to say now, but no time to say it. See you soon, all.


Apok said...

Totally awesome! Yeah, blogging is really hard the first 2 or 3 months. It'll come back to you.

Portland Dad said...

Keep giving us pictures like these and we won't care about the lack of posts. Those are good looking boys you got there.

Otter Thomas said...

Congrats on becoming a Dad. Great looking kids. I have always had trouble finding time with one kid much less two. I am sure you will get into a ryhthm and find some spare time eventually.

Mimi said...

What beautiful boys!!

I'm stopping by to welcome you to SITS!

Shelby said...

New follower! I found you on the Multiples and More message board and thought I'd check it out. Your boys are adorable!