Monday, March 8, 2010

No News is Good News

I've no real updates to offer today, but I feel slightly odd not slapping together some type of post. Let me fill the void by offering an observation: trying to finish up grad school when you have something as exciting as a set of twins on the way is a nearly impossible task. To call us both distracted would be a severe understatement. I realize the level of distraction will only grow exponentially once they arrive, but it's hard to imagine being even less capable of focusing than I am presently!

It was finally sunny today, so we went outside and took a couple photos of my pretty wife. I think a couple of them are worth sharing, but mostly this reminds me that I used to spend quite a bit of time with photography (albeit physical film, not digital) and I'd like to do so again...but I really need a crash course in Photoshop.


Stacey said...

Hurry up and finish up that graduate degree :-) When your wife starts nesting in a couple of months you are totally going to be on board with that and absolutely no work will get done!

Sonora said...

Wow, she looks great! I believe I had hit whale proportions by this point. I have no idea how you could focus on school at the same time. Kudos to you! Glad to hear everything is still going well.

Wendy said...

I am here because I read your comment (Kevin) on SITS, and thought I couldn't have said it better! In fact I wish I had said it. I also commented, and we were definitely in the minority on that one. But that's ok.
So, I came over here, and found your wonderful news--Congratulations to both of you!
Your wife looks fantastic!
I will be praying for you as the Lord brings you to mind!
Wendy @ Faith's Firm Foundation
Come for a visit at

Anonymous said...

I responded to your comment on my my blog...sorry its over there sitting. ha.

Ive yet to grasp how to handle comment response...if it should be handled "in thread" or taken over all disconnected to the topic at hand to the commenter's blog. hmmm.

Anyway, thanks for visiting.

Your wife is so adorable. Can I say that? When I was pregnant I was pregnant 360 degrees around! She just looks like she is smuggling a ball under there!

I hope that she is feeling good and things are progressing well!

Keep blogging...and OFTEN....stay true to what you believe!


Lora said...

Your wife is beautiful! What an exciting journey you're on.

I'm making it a point today to visit and support all my fellow "minority roll call" buddies. I was so glad you stated your opinion on the matter in such an eloquent way. Thanks for that.