Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Shirt Runneth Over

As any parent with more than one child can attest, the experience of synchronized vomiting in stereo is one of the least treasured memories a parent can experience. When your children become incapable of holding down even the simplest of things, you know you’re in for a long couple days. Perhaps the best point of the entire weekend (other than increased cuddles due to needy babies) is that Amanda and I seem to have escaped the wrath of this stomach bug unscathed.

Here’s my weekend in numbers:

5: Loads of laundry, all of which were vomit-soaked sheets, towels, blankets, etc. We're far behind on clothes now.

4: Movies watched on Saturday as we lounged with the boys in the living room, afraid to move them more than a little for fear of awakening the tummy beast.

3: Number of times we had to change our sheets in one night (this doesn’t include the multiple towels that gave their lives to protect the innocent).

2: The degree to which the volume of things consumed seem to multiply in a child’s belly when they’re sick. That is, when it decides to come back up somehow one cup of liquid becomes two, two crackers become four, etc.

1: Number of times I held one of the little guys as he spewed forth something entirely inhuman, coating my back and everything behind me, while I could do nothing but console and laugh and anxiously await the end of this hellish bug.

The boys are feeling much better now, thankfully. They spent some time tooling around the driveway on their mini-powerwheels yesterday and seemed no worse for the wear:

I did learn one important thing: I really, really need to buy a steam cleaner. Light carpet + twins + projectile vomiting = unholy mess. Anyone have an inexpensive recommendation?

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