Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Fresh Start

Well, online world, it's time for a relaunch. I have sufficient time to make a post more than once a year and I've collected enough interesting stories that seem worth sharing. Oh, and I finally figured out how to alter some settings that were driving me crazy; I hope folks like the new layout better than the mess it had become!

Let me begin by providing a highly condensed tour of recent events: after moving to Toledo, Ohio, we settled into a perfectly fine rental home but quickly began itching for a home of our own. We obsessed over real estate websites, saw dozens of homes, fell in love with one only to have another offer be accepted as we were packing up to head to the real estate office to make an offer, fell in love with another only to realize it was just too small, saw dozens more and then came upon a real treasure at an incredible price:

It's not always this cold and dreary!
 I also found a job (albeit contract work, but it's for an indefinite period of time) at a great place, began to contemplate how we'll change the home to suit our tastes, took care of the boys as Amanda made a couple trips to Chicago and one to India for her work, and watched the boys grow like weeds. Seriously, they're huge now:

A few dozen other things have happened, but I think I'll leave them for future blog posts. I'm aiming for a minimum of two per week, so hopefully this place will be a little more active.

By the way, do folks have good blogs to recommend? I'm looking to expand my reading list. I'm looking for parents of twins, interesting fathers, renovation and interior decoration blogs, Toledo residents who discuss the city, and anything else folks find fun, funny and interesting. Thanks in advance!

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