Saturday, June 26, 2010


Twins are tough but immensely rewarding. We don't sleep...ever, it seems. The babies demand the boob constantly, changes constantly, attention constantly. I never thought I would take such joy in something so stressful. I cannot imagine doing this without the team we have. My wife and I bicker a little these days--hey, we're both running on fumes--but words cannot my overwhelming gratitude towards and admiration of her. I asked her what she would have done had she given birth to twins back in the 50s. She responded "The babies would be on formula and I would be on Valium." The love grows even as we grow ever more weary.

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We're preparing to move cross country (proper update on that subject next week, hopefully). The movers will be here on Monday. No, the house is not yet finished. Yes, we're both peeing our pants. So far the routine--if it can be called that--has gone something like this: start packing a box, stop when baby a cries, burp, change and swaddle baby a. Go back to packing. Cuddle baby b now fussing, feed, burp, change and swaddle baby b. Calm baby b, put it down. Baby a cries because he was disturbed by setting baby b down. Cuddle baby a. Baby a expresses desire to eat...again! Give baby a to wife for feeding while wife tries to set up utilities in new place. Burp, change, swaddle baby a. Forget where item to be packed went that was just had in hand. Pack baby a in box and swaddle picture frame. Swear. Unpack baby a, unswaddle picture frame, reswaddle baby. Trip over dog. Swear again. Ask wife what I did with item to be packed. Find item to be packed in crib, next to swaddled babies. Disturb babies while attempting to retrieve item, Make babies cry. Repeat.

Remind me never to move with brand new infants again. ;-)

And now, some cuteness:

These three are from a couple weeks ago. I especially like that Timmy & Raiden switched off on eating one another's heads.
Baby Burritos = life savers. Note the seriously cute blankets from Target.
We took a hike with them recently while we were visiting Amanda's family for their bi-annual reunion. They were quite content, even over the rough terrain.

And we end with a smile from Raiden and a sleepy expression from Timothy. See you again soon, folks!

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caryanne said...

You just brought back so many memories from when my twin boys were babies (they'll be 3 in September).

We also called them "baby burritos" when all swaddled up. And since my boys are Ben and Daniel, actually would call them "Benny Burrito" and "Danny Dorito". I'd forgotten all about that!

And we also had a double snap-n-go...loved it!!!

Sounds like your experience with newborn twins is pretty typical to ours...we actually moved from New York back to Canada when they were 8 motnhs old!

Hope the move goes well!