Monday, May 10, 2010

one way to keep twins happy

this blog lacks capitalization. amanda is taking a short break, so i have two babies in my lap. here's one way to keep fussy twins happy when no breasts are around:

holy cow do i ever love these guys.

this is from a conversation with amanda today in which she said the following: i don't want them to grow up. i love babies. i don't want 9 kids but i can see why someone would want nine of them because i love babies.

we had just gotten back from the store where we saw a couple with nine kids. we both decided nine kids was insane, but i had to acknowledge that my initial adversity to more than 2 (there are already too many people on this beautiful planet of ours) is already waning a bit. I know that one more pregnancy would be it, though!

so yes, we went to the store today. amanda is so bloody tough that she decided that, since she was feeling stiff and wanted to move around but the area near our house is full of hills, a trip to the store was called for. the boys slept the entire times and amanda braved it like a champ only 3 days after a c-section. my wife is pretty burly, folks, but she's also a sap. Winning combo? i think yes.

3 comments: said...

they are gorgeous! congratulations. what a wonderful addition to any family. i myself am the mom to 4 kids--1 girl and 3 boys all single births. i am definitely an advocate for a large family. my kids are super close and my daughter has 4 too. she said she doesn't know how to cook for anything but a family of 6. enjoy this time--it's tiring but it's so so special. but don't let amanda overdo--she's still in that stage where the hormones are kicking in....the endless fatigue hits in about week 4. good luck!!

K. M. Berry said...

Diane, why is that? It seems like we couldn't get LESS sleep than we are now. Example: I just got up to do a round of changings and re-swaddlings after a little over an hour of sleep and I wager I'll get one more before we'll both get up for the next feeding round.

Mommy, Esq. said...

I actually agree with Diane - the fatigue didn't really hit me until about 6 weeks in - before that it was all very hormone driven and goal oriented about BFing, etc. Snooze when you can - I love that feeling of having a baby on your chest while you both snooze on the couch (although she may not want to line prone on the couch because I had a really hard time getting up from the couch for the first few weeks after the C-Section, I just snoozed sitting up).

Lovely photo, lovely boys!