Monday, April 5, 2010

"I don't understand how we're going to shower the babies"

The title of this post is a quote from our five year old niece while we were setting up for our baby shower on Saturday. It was a wonderful success and our family and friends are due many thanks for all their efforts.

I've had a bit of a problem keeping up on posts lately, so I'm going to squeeze a couple out of this event. We'll start with the decorations. Amanda and I are pretty proud of how the decor turned out; we purchased bits and pieces over time and hoped it would all work together in the end. Happily, it did. Here are a few shots to give a sense of what it looked like.

Here's the poker table. While it looked really nice, not enough folks showed up who wanted to play. Most of our male friends are the type to join in with the regular games. With a different group, this would have worked well. Oh well--the couple guys who sat at the table seemed to have a good time.

The tables themselves turned out quite nice. The pre-assembled banana bread mix which we put together at home (the living room was covered in flour that night) seemed to be a really big hit with folks asking if they could take any extras. We still have 15 or so bags left over, not to mention way too much candy.

I had to keep drawing attention to the table activities (writing advice on the bottoms of diapers and decorating bibs), but folks finally got involved with those activities towards the end of the day.

We also put together a kid's craft table. This was a big hit for much of the event but was abandoned when one kid spilled his or her juice all over the table. Still, keeping a bunch of little ones content for an hour or so while the parents socialized felt like a good accomplishment.

Finally, here are a couple shots of the hall before all the attendees arrived. Pretty cute, no?
* * * * * * * * * *
I'll slap up a few more shots from the shower tomorrow and hopefully include a proper update as well. I've been a little negligent lately!


Em said...

Dear Kevin brother, This is way over the top! Beautiful, awesom, you will always be way more Martha Stewart then I ever will be! Love, Sean

K. M. Berry said...

Sean, one need only look at your incredible cakes to see that I still have some serious catching up to do to come close to matching your Martha-ness (not to mention your serious home decorating skills)!