Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From the Department of Weights & Measures

We had our 28 week appointment today, albeit a few days early. The doctor was very pleased with the boys' growth. Raiden, always the slightly smaller one, is weighing in at 2 lbs 8 oz while Timothy tips the scales at 2 lbs 11 oz; both are above the 60th percentile with respect to growth. They're in the 99th percentile with respect to being awesome, but my system of measurement might be slightly skewed due to researcher bias. The amniotic fluid also looks great as does the cervix and, if all keeps going as well as it has so far, we can expect Amanda to not have preterm labor issues. The doctor was also very happy with Amanda's weight gain as she has only put on 23 lbs (she does need more iron though, but I can't get her to eat much protein!). We were told that, at this rate of growth, we could expect a hulking set of twins around 6 lbs each. Both boys are head down presently, but Raiden seems to like to do flips so we'll see if that remains the case going forward.

To call us fortunate would be an understatement; we have had an absolutely ideal pregnancy so far. I'm extremely thankful for that and hope our great fortune continues. The only even vaguely negative thing about this appointment was quite silly: neither boy was in an acceptable position for a good ultrasound picture. Still, we did get one shot that was kind of neat. The two round fields are their heads right next to one another.

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We finally got our baby shower invitations out the door on Saturday so now we're trying to plan the decorations, games, etc. While we have some pretty good ideas about how we'll decorate--one idea is to use the colors similar to these plates and build from there--we're having some difficulties with the games and activities. We both want the games to be fun for all in attendance, even if they're a bit cheesy, by blending traditional and non-traditional. Does anyone have any advice? Here are some ideas I've stolen from more creative folks come across on the internet. Please note that I'm not sold on any of these nor am I against any not listed (the only game I can say I'm actually against is the whole 'melted candy bar in the diaper' one); I'm merely putting these out there for consideration:
* Game 1: Poker tournament, as described here.
* Game 2: Diapers for Two, a timed game where contestants have to diaper two dolls, one after the other, without putting either doll down, all while pretending to talk on a cell phone.
* Game 3: Make a Baby! Not as twisted as it sounds. Contestants are given Play-Doh and told to make a baby from it, and the results will be judged.
* Game 4: Story Time. For anyone who wants to, write down an amusing/horrifying/notable child-rearing incident. Use no names or identifying characteristics. See if the person/couple can be matched to the story.
* Game 5: You Don't Say... Instead of the typical "don't say baby" I think it would be fun and relevant to have the word "twin" be verboten. Amanda borrowed the neat idea of using the monkeys from the Barrel of Monkeys game as the method for tracking the winner. If you say the forbidden word, anyone in earshot can take away your monkey(s) and the person with the most monkeys at the end of the day wins.
* Game 6: This is more of an open activity than it is a game. Set out a case of diapers and a permanent marker with a sign that says something like "Late night changes are quite the chore. Leave us some messages on the bums of these diapers that will bring a smile to our faces and provide some much-needed perspective in our many hours of need."

Any feedback? I'd especially love to hear from folks who have held or have attended successful coed baby showers.

Next post (Friday, I think): "Daddy Also Gets (a little bit) Pregnant"


Stacey said...

Have you thought about getting a bunch of white onesies in different sizes and having the guest create (with puffy paints or other materials) individual shirts for each baby? If you do it I would recommend going all the way up to 12 month size and NOT using Gerber onesies. They are cheap fabric. Try Carter's or the Kohl's brand instead. Another idea is to have a Fear Factor type challenge with baby food. Have fun!

Sonora said...

I am so glad everything is going well. It would be so nice if they were big and could just go right home with you. Hang in there!

Mommy, Esq. said...

Putting baby food on diapers and having people guess flavors by smell alone. Matching celebrity babies to parents.

Grandma said...

Some fun ideas for games. I don't reaaly know of any. I guess you could tell I didn't read before my message. Poor Amanda, that is a whole bunch of baby! Awesome, awesome.
Hugs and love to each of you.

Tom and Jessica said...

In addition to putting the baby food on the diapers you can put different kinds of candy bars in the diapers - microwave them for a bit and have folks guess which candy bar it is. You are doing a great job with all this!! I LOVE your blogs!