Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ping Pong, Pinball, etc.

First, a new baby belly shot:

The boys are playing an ongoing game of pinball as their duplex get more crowded. They get especially active, most of the time, when Amanda takes a bath or tries to go to sleep. I came to bed around 2:00 am one night recently because I was up working on a paper. I found Amanda dead asleep and the boys in the middle of what was surely an intense game of bounce on the placenta. I love feeling them move. It makes me giggle and gives me a lump in my throat.

...Shush, it's my blog. I can be a little sappy sometimes.

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Robb said...

Hiya Kevin,

I'm Robb, and thanks to the magic of the internet (and Google alerts) I have discovered your blog and claim it in the name of... oh wait, it doesn't work that way. Alright, let me try again.

Hi. I'm a father to be of twins also (a boy and a girl), trying to record the journey and meet a few people along they way. I've added your RSS feed to my reader. If you're interested, I'm blogging at

Be well