Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello (again), world.

Greetings, oh great blogosphere. When we last met, I was convinced I was on my way to becoming a professional philosopher, sure I was going to change the world it some nearly palpable way through the art of teaching. That was X number of years ago. Incredible how things change with the passage of time. Now I'm in my second to last quarter as a Master's student in philosophy and have no intention of continuing on with it. Why? Well, that has much to do with the new title of this blog: I'm soon to become a father to twin boys.

I am wholly, completely and entirely excited. I am also wholly, completely and entirely petrified.

I can do nothing but try, however, and hopefully find a few other new dads who have experienced similar issues. Here's to hoping they love me in spite of myself. In this sense, in spite of my desires and contrary to the title of this blog, I imagine I'm an entirely conventional father.

(Entry edited to not sound so whiny. Thanks for the feedback, all.)


James said...

Don't worry too much. Boys or no boys, fatherhood is pretty much a universal voyage of doubt. Stick to your principles and act out of compassion as much as possible and things ought to work out just fine.

Josef Eckert said...

I think you're going to do fine, boss. Remember that by even taking the time to ask these questions of yourself that you far exceed what a lot of kids receive.

And for what its worth, you certainly were a male role model for me facing a similar crisis of faith in masculinity. Keep your chin up.

Greg said...

I know a good male role model. Me.

Mary I. Bockover said...

Hi Kevin,

Dan and I send our heartfelt congratulations to you and Amanda! My boys are 15 years old now, and I do not know where the time has gone.